Through The Looking Glass is a 21st Century, fast-paced, groundbreaking and interactive show devised and created by Isaac Sarayiah.  Possibly the most life-changing programme ever witnessed in television, watch in amazement as for 50 minutes we take you on a thrilling roller-coaster ride of tension and drama as never before seen on the humble telly and transform YOUR lives FOREVER in less than seven minutes.

    The show which challenges the boundaries of  television production and turns the status quo on its head, Through The Looking Glass is set to  break all records for sponsorship of a UK terrestrial programme (on a pro rata basis)  and maybe, just maybe, smash all  viewer ratings for any TV show ever devised in UK history.

    Following in the revolutionary footsteps of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" , Through The Looking Glass may well be about to become the ultimate  show to be seen this decade, if not in our lifetime!

Through The Looking Glass is the 'codename' for this project and is not necessarily the final title that this revolutionary show will have.