Flat Warming Party, Sunday September 10th 2000













Complete with Mystery Band, Top DJ Artfunk and sponsored by restaurant Thai Pavillion, Morgan's Spiced Rum and Exclusive Private Members Bar, Abigail's Party.  Also with extras such as...gatecrashers, complaints (many) and forced shutdown by noise patrol!

This was also the event that inspired Isaac Sarayiah to create his now infamous and highly imaginative '50' calling card, which has become home to the wallets (and mantelpieces) of A-list Personalities, Executives and VIP's both here and across the Atlantic and is probably seen as the 'ultimate business card.'  As such, it is a unique insight into the creativity and innovation that Carpe Diem Group can provide and provides a setting for what can (or cannot!) be expected of the show, "Through The Looking Glass" that is set to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting and (no doubt) a most welcome public!!

Party pictures by Joe Alvarez and Dafydd Jones and pictures of Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding courtesy of Tri Star Pictures (c) Jerry Maguire 1996.

With extra special thanks to Art Director Annabel Shapiro, Nick Gold and Private Members Bar, 57 Jermyn Street.